Ian Whittock is an experienced entrepreneur and Managing Director of Evoque Claims & Appraisals and Identidot Coding Services Limited.

Ian Whittock has 18 years of client and insurance support knowledge, and enjoys creating new business ventures and developing new services. Prior to his current ventures, Ian Whittock worked in the hospitality sector, first as an Executive Chef at four fine London hotels, and then as a Managing Director for Regent Glen Hotels. He then served as Development Manager for Madhvarni Hotels, in which capacity Ian Whittock found suitable hotels to purchase, prepared business plans, and reported his findings to the group board.

Ian Whittock founded his first company, Identidot Coding Services Limited, 18 years ago. Identidot, based in Aldridge, Birmingham, is a service company specialising in helping clients protect and identify the whereabouts of valuable and valued possessions. The company prides itself on offering “old fashioned” quality service, along with new product offering and innovative solutions. It brings together the best of both worlds: the personalized and attentive customer service of the past, and the cutting-edge technology of the present.

Identidot’s client list includes some of the country’s most prestigious private and corporate collectors, but its services are equally pertinent to collections and possessions of more modest proportions. It has undertaken commissions at some of the country’s finest stately homes, and its work has been recognised by the award of the Historic Houses Association Most Innovative Product prize. In addition to its original and core security coding service, the company has recently launched a DNA kit linked with its online management system that includes access to its stolen register. The Stolen Asset Register is an online resource that assists in the recovery of stolen assets. It has been of great use to those considering the purchase of an item, in order to check that it has not been stolen.

Ian Whittock is also the Director of Evoque Claims & Appraisals, a company whose functions include an Appraisal Service, a Claims Service, and Auction Services. It possesses unique software systems that offer a prompt yet detailed understanding of the client’s requirements for both claims and appraisals. Evoque allows Insurers and Brokers to make constructive decisions at affordable prices: the company completes its insurance fact find in front of the client, and will attend a client’s residence in order to report on the claim circumstances. Evoque also offers auction services for Fine Art, Jewellery, Antique Furniture and Collectables, at competitive rates.