Asset Management Systems & Why You Need One

Visual_storage_-_Victoria_&_Albert_Museum_-_2_-_StierchAsset Management is the system by which tangible (i.e. buildings) and intangible assets (ie. human capital and intellectual property) is monitored and maintained by an establishment or an entity, such as Identidot Coding Service and Asset Management. Identidot and similar firms specialise in helping its clients to identify and protect valued possessions. This is done through a systematic process of deploying, upgrading, and disposing of assets in a cost effective way.

By building and maintaining a comprehensive record of the items in a collection, management systems are able to store information relating to each item in a collection, whether that’s valuation information, insurance details, dimensions, distinguishing marks, primary autographs, or multiple subsidiary photographs. The information gathered can be filtered and reported based on the needs of the users.

An asset management is an ideal tool for museums, family collections, and modest collections. Likewise, it’s a valuable tool to manage assets within a home, and purchasing a credible management system can be done in a matter of minutes via a website. Also, a license can be purchased online for small collections and home users. Identidot offers a fully managed DNA coding service that prevents theft, helping to secure small and large collections. The DNA coding is recording in a secure asset management database.

The practice of connecting with an asset management firm is the best way to achieve the greatest return on valuable assets, and the system facilitates monitoring and maintaining personal collections. A secure interface allows videos, images, logos, documents, and multimedia content to be managed in an online environment, where it’s easily accessible.

Get a free trial of Identidot’s asset management system, by visiting their website. Also, browse Identidot’s register of stolen assets.

Ian Whittock is the Managing Director of Evoque Claims and Appraisals, Evoque Auctions and Identidot Coding. Please visit Crunchbase, Quora, and Identidot to learn more.