Landmark Italian Castle, Castel Valer, Expected to Sale for the First Time in 650 Years

Interno_Castel_Valer_1Landmark 80-room Italian castle, located in the foothills of the Dolomites, is to be sold for the first time in 650 years.

Owned by the same family since the fourteenth century, the turn-key (i.e. move in-ready) 35,520 square foot Castel Valer was constructed over 500 years, between 1200 and 1700. The lengthy project involves architecture from numerous eras: Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque. It’s a creation unlike any other, dressed with antique crown roof tiles, incomparable 15th and 26th century frescos, and fully-furnished interiors that are illuminated with custom-made antique pieces, which includes Venetian mirrors and glass chandeliers. The castle is being sold fully furnished.

“The sale of Castel Valer is a once in a several lifetimes opportunity to purchase a truly unique property in the heart of the Dolomites, within easy reach of some of Italy’s most sought-after cities, as well as being accessible from the international centres at Zurich, Munich and Salzburg,” said Charlie Smith, Concierge Auctions’ European advisor. “The property would be ideal for a buyer looking for a private retreat, or as a home from which they can run a tourism or hospitality business, with the numerous historic features and wonderful location providing a unique draw for visitors.”

The estate was purchased more than 650 years ago  by the family of Count Spaur zu Flavon und Valer, who has decided to list the enormous castle with the U.S. based Concierge Auctions. Without reserve, the estate and all will go on sale on September 8th. Early valuations suggest the purchase of the home will come in at over $34,361,330. For that step price, the new owner will gain five kitchens (including a medieval smoke kitchen), 14 bathrooms, 15 bedrooms, a library, a banquet hall, a wine cellar, an octagonal tower, a swimming pool, and two chapels. The chapels are works of art, the Late Gothic-style Saint Valerio, which has    Additionally, there’s 18.5 acres of land. Occupying that land: three private access roads, terraced gardens, a forest, and orchards.
The castle is located within the Val di Non, an area known for its proximity to picturesque villages, breathtaking lakes, and a stunning Austrian resort, Kitzbühel.

Showings by Concierge Auction have already begun. They’re working in collaboration with the seller’s representative and real estate advisory firm in order to get the home sold. There will be a 3 percent commission offered to the new buyer’s representing real estate agent, which equals a little over $1 million.

“The home holds a lot of history for both my family and my country,” said Count Spaur zu Flavon und Valer. “I especially love the details in the Gothic Chapel and have a fondness for the Ulrich hall which was named after my ancestor. I hope the new owners of the home will enjoy the property as much as I have, and further add to its fruitful timeline.”

The historic property is one that’s expect to attract the attention of a buyer searching for property that offers incredible architectural, historical, and artistic values.

Ian Whittock is the Managing Director of Evoque Claims and Appraisals, Evoque Auctions and Identidot Coding. Please visit Crunchbase, Quora, and Identidot to learn more.